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1:  The dawn of Paczki

Paczki awoke in her earliest conscious day. It
was raining, but luckily she was dry underneath the porch awning of
Sugarcube Corner. Wrapped up in her yellow blanket, she was warm. She
could hear the pink thing chirping around her. It wouldn’t stop
bouncing around. Eventually, the over joyous pink pony calmed down
and slowly picked her up. It stared into her eyes and smiled, poking
its nose in Paczki's face

“Hmmm....... Sweetie Pie? No.... Cutie
Pie?.... Not quite there....”, Pinkie debated these names back
and forth for a few minutes. She gently tapped her head in an attempt
to conjure up more names for the baby.

“Pinkie! What is that on the porch?
Remember, you need to take the paczkis out of the oven”, Mrs.
Cake called from the kitchen.

“It’s a baby, Mrs Cake!”
Pinkie screamed. The idea of what to name the foal instantly hit her.
“I’m going to call her Paczki Pie!” Pinkie happily
yelled back to Mrs. Cake. “come take a look at my little foal”.
Pinkie could hardly contain her happiness. After babysitting the
Cake’s babies for some months, she grew very fond of the babies
and wished for one of her own. In her mind, there was no better way
to acquire one than to simply find this foal on the doorstep?

Mrs. Cake walked
over and halted as soon as she saw the small wicker basket on the
doorstep in front of Pinkie. Her mind instantly abandoned all thought
other than why was pinkie holding this little foal.

“Pinkie, is that a real foal? And it was
just here on the doorstep?” Mrs. Cake was dumbfounded by the
turn of events. When she saw the baby pony all wrapped up in Pinkie's
arms, she took a step back. “wait a moment dear, are you
honestly planning on keeping this foal?”

“well of
course,” replied pinkie in a matter-of-fact kind of way. “her
name is Paczki Pie and she's my daughter. It would be irresponsible
to NOT take her in. she was out here in the rain all alone for
Celestia knows how long.”

you've only foal-sat for a little while. How can you be ready for
your own baby pony? Don't you think you should consider some

Cake, please please please. This is the best thing that has ever
happened to me. Let me please keep this foal”, Pinkie pleaded
through watery eyes

you're so.....” Mrs. Cake realized that she would never be able
to convince Pinkie to surrender the foal. “Of course you can
keep her, Pinkie. You found her, you're an adult, so she's your
child. I'm simply worried that you might not be able to handle the
huge responsibility that comes along with being a young single
mother”, Mrs. Cake added calmly.

Pinkie cried. This upset the baby a little but after a little
rocking, Pinkie was able to soothe the tiny pony once more. She
rubbed her cheek against the foal's face and produced some soft
cooing sounds in an attempt to calm the foal even more. Nothing else
in the entire world could have made Pinkie Pie any bit more happy
that day. She became a mother in a matter of minutes and would now
enjoy live with her very own daughter.

Paczki was at first fascinated by the pink
mare, but after being rocked back and forth for several minutes, was
ready to go to sleep. she began her journey to dreamland just as the
dark blue mare came to inspect her. Paczki couldn’t care less
about this new pony in her life though, because it was time for her
to relax and take a nap in the arms of her new, loving, mommy.

many years later, in Paczki’s

Paczki awoke that fine summer morning and
looked over at her mother. still asleep, Pinkie murmured in her
dreams about somepony who wanted to steal her cupcakes. Paczki
giggled softly at her silly mother. she lay in bed watching the
shadows caused by the sunrise to slowly creep across the floorboards.
she had worked out that when they met a certain crack in the floor,
it was time for Pinkie to wake up as well. sure enough, once the
flood of light reached far enough into the room, Pinkie rolled over
and woke up. Paczki was already smiling happily at her.
morning my little miracle”, Pinkie said slowly. she had the
sort of smile that only a trusting and loving mother could show to
her child. she then got out of bed and proceeded to wash her face and
begin her morning routine of exercise and a jog.

Paczki waved goodbye to her mother as she
trotted out of the door.  Once she was alone, she too began her
morning ritual. In one corner of the room stood a wash basin with a
mirror which paczki used to wash her face and hooves in as well as to
examine her mane for imperfections. as usual, it was a big beautiful
fluff-ball of hair. her tail was similar to her mane, although much
longer and bushier. Paczki shook her mane and tail just to make sure
it was as fluffed out as it could be. when her tail moved aside, she
was reminded of her blank-flank.

“why can’t I ever find a special
talent?”, Paczki whispered in the mirror,  “what’s
different about me?” she sadly looked away from the mirror and
wiped a small tear from her eye. Paczki grabbed her glasses and
walked outside to take a walk. possibly there was something out there
in town that needed doing. these walks always relaxed her, even
though she never actually looked for her special talent like she
always kept telling herself she was doing.

just a sample of my writing... tell me what you think, ok?

of course, I don't own that preview image. I just used it because it was the first appropriate file I had on my desktop :P
SpiritWolfCub Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
love it!!
shloop4 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks so much ^_^

I love getting feedback.. everyone says it's great but I just don't really know... I still see tons of errors in it :M
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